Sunday, January 31, 2010


A lot of these photos were taken during the rehearsal (the Pastor requested none be taken during the actual ceremony.)
Notice Mrs. Fitch trying to trip Kris... such spunk! :o)
Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Davis

BIG Congratulations to my sister-in-law Kris and my new brother-in-law Arthur on their marriage yesterday afternoon! It may have been dreary outside, but it was all SUNSHINE inside the church! We are so happy for the two of them and are excited to share in their new life together.


One day last week, Lucas was just having a fit for an apple from our basket in the kitchen. I finally gave in.. I thought, wow.. this is a great opportunity to start teaching him about healthy snacks and he probably can't really bite it... maybe just sink his teeth in..... WRONG! Within minutes he was pulling chunks off... he has some strong chompers! Then, of course, I had to be the bad guy and take the apple away. :o(

Monday, January 18, 2010

Time Flies!

Lucas sporting his camouflage and a milky chin. :o)

As you can see, L has totally taken over the kitchen... only toys will do in the potato and onion box!

On the RUN...

His newest jungle gym!

Everyone should celebrate their 13 and a 1/2 month birthday, right?

Eating goldfish with Nana before bed (L's favorite!).

Wow.. I can't believe how long it has been since my last post. Things have just been so incredibly busy around here. I don't know where the last 2 months have gone!?!

Lucas is growing up so fast. It seems that he has jumped from being a baby to a little boy. He is doing and saying new things daily. His new favorite words are "ball, door, and baby." Gone are the days of scooting, crawling... he is up and running now... and so are we! Nothing in the house is off limits anymore... if he sees it, he wants it, and HE WILL FIND A WAY TO GET IT! :o) I am finding that no matter how "toddler proof" you think your house is, you have missed at least a hundred thousand things.. lol. We are loving it though.. the open mouth kisses, the bear hugs, the million little things that make our little man who he is.

I am also SO HAPPY to report that we got a glowing report (for the first time) on L's ears last Tuesday. After months of poking, prodding, suctioning, and drops, I decided that it was time for a second opinion. My principal recommended an ENT in Carrollton.. Dr. Pitts. We LOVED him.. he was so patient, kind and caring. He ran several tests (tests that our previous ENT wouldn't do yet) on L's ears that revealed the tubes were in fact open and working! He said that even though Lucas' ears still "looked" infected, it was the result of discomfort and crying during the examination..... when Lucas cries, he turns red... and so do his eardrums! So, even though his ears looked red (infected), they really weren't/ aren't! We are so happy to have found a doctor willing to do what it takes to figure things out! Thank you Gretta for the recommendation.. you are AWESOME!

While I am on the subject of good news.... Mama is still doing beautifully and recovering more each day. We were so blessed to have her and Daddy spend an entire week with us! I can't describe how "whole" it made me feel to have them so close after going through what we've been through. Lucas ate up his Nana and "Big" time.... aka "spoiled rotten" time!

Last, but not least... more good news... David's mom will be having a kidney transplant on Thursday, February 4th. A former colleague, Jane Free, has generously (that word doesn't even cover it) offered Mrs. Brenda one of her kidneys. I am in awe of such a gift. What love Jane has in her heart for someone in need, what conviction she has to follow through.... she is truly one of God's angels here on Earth and her gift is such an AMAZING INSPIRATION! David and I are both excited and nervous. We are putting our complete faith in God to take care of Mrs. Brenda and Jane. We are praying that this will be Mrs. Brenda's miracle cure! I will post more about the surgery as we know more details.