Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Our Anniversary

Three wonderful years later...

If I had a million chances to do it over again, I wouldn't change a thing.

Easter Egg Hunt

We were invited to a massive egg hunt at Lucas' Aunt Anna's house last Saturday... over 600 eggs! There were 4 prize eggs in the whole bunch and our little man found 3.. this egg hunting business could become quite profitable!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Doing Much Better!

My blood pressure and sugar have been doing much much better since my last post. I was able to come home from the hospital on Friday with no limitations on my activities! Yay! I returned to work yesterday and have had no ill side effects other than a constant state of exhaustion. :o)

We have the BEST friends and family in the whole world! Thank you for all the PRAYERS!!! Please keep them coming for a healthy new sweetie pie!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

We're Having A Baby!

Great news!!! David and I are expecting baby number 2!!! We are beside ourselves with excitement and joy. We have been praying for another child over the last few months, but were shocked to learn of this pregnancy on Sunday as we had not planned for it with my recent wisdom tooth extractions... but SURPRISE!!! And, what a WONDERFUL surprise it is! We feel God's hand all over this... it was meant to be!

I met with Dr. Miller earlier today for my first prenatal appointment. We are 4 weeks along... or just "barely pregnant" as he calls it... whatever that means! lol Against my wishes (and he knows it!!), he admitted me to the hospital for observation because of my rising blood pressure and wide range of blood sugar readings. The plan is to change my insulin completely and add a second blood pressure medicine to the one that I already take. I am already so ready to be back at home.... arg.... deep breath.. trying to keep the bp down.

Please remember our tiny one in your prayers. We are praying for a different pregnancy than the first time around, but with the same outcome!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Lucas' Dedication

We were so happy to finally formally dedicate our precious angel back to our Lord on Sunday. It was such a special day that I can't seem to find the words to describe it. It was wonderful to be surrounded by our family to witness this event. We are soooo blessed!!!

A Day At The Park

The weather was so wonderful on Saturday that we decided to take Lucas to Granger Park for a little playground fun. We had such a good time!!!

To make the day even sweeter, we headed to supper in Auburn with Mama and Daddy and some of our great friends (and a few of Lucas' many girlfriends... lol... I am considering lowering his dating age from 45 to 30 for some of these sweet girls). :o)

Lucas and Jana sharing a hug.
Jacey, Kennedy, and Carson
Kennedy and Jana
Making eyes at the ladies...

Sunday, March 14, 2010

New words this week!

Anything that moves is still a "vaccum," but Lucas started saying a few other things this week, too. When you ask him what the puppy dog says, he replies "oof, oof" and when you tell him to call the kitty kitty.. he says, "ki, ki." We have also noticed a 2 word phrase this week... "it's daddy." Too cute!

Is it Spring Yet?

Nana & PawPaw with their boys!
What a big boy...

So happy we finally got to spend a little time with Cody-man!

The future of Motorcross...

Riding with Big

Down at the creek...

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Just a few...

I haven't managed to get a good picture of Lucas with his beloved vaccum, but here are some with his second favorite... the broom!

Our new pets! ;o)

Silly boy! He was "helping" mommy pack her lunch for school... he stole my bread!

15 Months

It seems so unreal that Lucas is already 15 months (as of last Friday)! He is doing and saying so much more everyday. His favorite word right now is.. VACCUM! It's his first word in the morning, his last word at night, and almost every word in between! He is both terrified and facinated by the vaccum. He leads me everyday into the bedroom closet where it is kept, begging to get it out... only to point and "fuss" at it when we do get it out. He loves to "help" vaccum, but only if he can be in my arms while it is running... it is only then that he will touch the handle and "help" me push it. When I finally convince him that it is time to put the vaccum away, we must stand at the closet door and tell it "bye bye" several times before Lucas is willing to return to his other toys... it really is too funny! He thinks the broom and steam mop are vaccums too... and when the big vaccum is not out, he stands at the utility room door waiting for his chance to sneak in and grab one. He seems to be obsessed with clean floors... just like mommy! LOL

We are also finding it difficult to stay indoors these days... spring fever has bitten us all a little early. Lucas LOVES being outside... and we enjoy it too... but the freezing temperatures just don't seem to bother him the same way they do us. He loves to explore and pick up everything!... sticks, leaves, grass, it doesn't matter as long as it's outside!

We are just loving life with our little man! Thankful for each day we are given!

Pictures to come!!