Wednesday, March 24, 2010

We're Having A Baby!

Great news!!! David and I are expecting baby number 2!!! We are beside ourselves with excitement and joy. We have been praying for another child over the last few months, but were shocked to learn of this pregnancy on Sunday as we had not planned for it with my recent wisdom tooth extractions... but SURPRISE!!! And, what a WONDERFUL surprise it is! We feel God's hand all over this... it was meant to be!

I met with Dr. Miller earlier today for my first prenatal appointment. We are 4 weeks along... or just "barely pregnant" as he calls it... whatever that means! lol Against my wishes (and he knows it!!), he admitted me to the hospital for observation because of my rising blood pressure and wide range of blood sugar readings. The plan is to change my insulin completely and add a second blood pressure medicine to the one that I already take. I am already so ready to be back at home.... arg.... deep breath.. trying to keep the bp down.

Please remember our tiny one in your prayers. We are praying for a different pregnancy than the first time around, but with the same outcome!


We are the Smith Family said...

You got it....I am sooooo excited!!! I see a big Smith/Fitch family vacation in our future! our angels will be so close in age they'll have a ball!!!! What fun!!! Love you girl!!! Take care of you and that wee angel!!!

Nana Kay said...

Nana & Big couldn't be any more excited about this blessed news and that Lucas is going to be a big brother :0) We LOVE Ya'll!!!