Thursday, July 29, 2010

Playin' Footsie

After noticing decreased fetal movement from Sunday evening to Tuesday morning, I was concerned and called Dr. Miller's office. Lisa scheduled me to come in that morning for an ultrasound to make sure everything was okay with the babies... thankfully everything was fine!! I knew it probably was, but needed some reassurance since I hadn't felt them in a couple of days. As it turns out, instead of having feet on my pelvic bone and upper rib cage, both babies had completely turned around and were playing footsie! They were kicking each other instead of me! Haha As Dr. Miller says... I'll do anything to get an ultrasound! lol We're just glad both babies were active and sounded healthy. We have two appointments coming up next week. I can't wait to get measurements and hear how they've grown!

Monday, July 26, 2010

50th Birthday SURPRISE!!

Notice the big bruise on Lucas' forehead.. he took a tumble down the front steps Saturday morning and landed on the concrete. Scared me to death!!!!!!!!! He cried for about 30 seconds and then acted like nothing had happened.. I cried longer than him! lol

We surprised "Big Mama" with a party for her 50th birthday! We somehow managed to keep it all a big secret up until the minute she pulled in the driveway and saw all the balloons and cars out front. She is such a miracle.. we wanted to celebrate the life that God chose to let her continue to live. Friends and family surrounded her with love and well wishes.. we even had family members travel from as far away as Gray and Albany, GA to be here for the the big event. It was one unforgettable day. Special thanks to everyone who was able to be there to help us celebrate and all those that were in on this gargantuan secret!!

Good (Messy) Fun!!

No, I haven't lost my mind... lol. We had lots of fun with finger paints and washable markers, too! Lucas can't wait to do it again!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Proud Big Brother

With my waistline quickly expanding, Lucas is more curious everyday as to what Mommy is hiding under her shirt. He is not content to just point or touch anymore, he has to raise my shirt and actually SEE the "babies" now... Case and point... today at CVS an older lady was talking to Lucas and telling him what a handsome boy he was... he proceeded to insist on showing her his baby brother and sister by starting a tug of war with Mommy over her shirt... right there in CVS.. at the pharmacy counter... people all around... Oh my goodness... I thought I was going to get arrested for indecent exposure.

Monday, July 12, 2010


Our prayers for good health have been answered this week...

Daddy went into the hospital on Wednesday night with very low blood pressure, elevated heartrate, nausea, vomiting, dizziness.. the whole nine yards. After 2 days of testing, doctors think the low bp was mostly related to some of the medication he was on and the nausea is caused from a diabetic related gastrointestinal disorder. We are so thankful that it is treatable and that he was able to come home on Saturday! Lucas missed his Big!

David and I also went for a Perinatologist on Friday. We were excited to see how much our little angels had grown and also a little nervous... we got some abnormal blood test results back 2 weeks ago ("Alpha fetoprotein"- it tests for neural tube defects, like spina bifida). We had chosen to keep the news private, because we knew there was a chance the results were skewed just because of the fact that there are 2 babies instead of 1.. some tests don't allow for multiples. And, as it turns out, it seems that is all it was... just skewed results... Dr. Matsumoto carefully examined each little darling (spines, craniums, abdomens, etc.) and concluded that everything looked exactly as it should. We were anxious to examine Carly's umbilical cord, too. At our last visit, she was hanging out behind my belly button.. makes things harder to see... and there was some question if she had 2 vessels in her cord instead of 3. Dr. M did confirm that she only has 2, although he insists that she can develop without any problems... however, he will watch her (especially her heart) a little more closely to make sure she experiences no ill effects. We feel like God answered so many prayers this week. Don't get me wrong though, if the tests had been accurate and our little babies had disorders of any kind.. we would be honored.. feel just as blessed to have them.. God's angels are all created differently.

Weight/Growth updates:
Boone measured 20 weeks 2 days and weighed 13 ounces.
Carly measured 19 weeks 6 days and weighed 12 ounces.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010


We had so much fun at the beach with Big and Big Mama (as Lucas refers to her now). Hilton Head is sooo different than the beach vacations I grew up with... different, but wonderful... and the island is just beautiful.

I have never seen Lucas so happy. He loved the beach life. His schedule was completely thrown out the window, and he didn't seem phased one bit! His favorite thing to do was go to the pool. Within 30 minutes of waking each day, he was pulling someone saying "Side, side... Pool!!! Island Links is soo child friendly... splashy fountains to run through (he literally played for hours in that alone), fun waterfall type fountains in the pool, zero entry area for splashing and playing.... he was one busy boy!

His other most favorite thing was the SAND at the beach! He LOVED squishing his toes and fingers in it. Thanks to Nana.. or excuse me... Big Mama, we had lots of sand toys to play with.... although, Lucas would instantly destroy anything that even resembled a sand castle. We joked that he should go in to demolition as a profession as an adult, but I nixed the idea... sounds dangerous! lol

On Monday, Lucas and Mommy got some one on one bonding time. His Daddy, Big and Big Mama all went out deep sea fishing. They had so much fun! 2 flounder, 1 grouper, and even a few sharks. After a looong hard struggle, David managed to reel in a massive 10 foot, 400 lb. tiger shark!.. Glad they didn't bring that one home!!!!

Another highlight of the trip was the fireworks at Shelter Cove. Tuesday night, we found a little park area that had concessions, inflatables, and a stage area playing oldie favs... the kiddos were welcome to climb up or stand in front and dance.. Lucas danced with all of us! When it was time for the fireworks, we found a good spot.. kicked off our flipflops and watched in amazement... such a beautiful display. Lucas was mesmerized. Such a sweet memory.

The week just couldn't have been any better!!