Tuesday, July 6, 2010


We had so much fun at the beach with Big and Big Mama (as Lucas refers to her now). Hilton Head is sooo different than the beach vacations I grew up with... different, but wonderful... and the island is just beautiful.

I have never seen Lucas so happy. He loved the beach life. His schedule was completely thrown out the window, and he didn't seem phased one bit! His favorite thing to do was go to the pool. Within 30 minutes of waking each day, he was pulling someone saying "Side, side... Pool!!! Island Links is soo child friendly... splashy fountains to run through (he literally played for hours in that alone), fun waterfall type fountains in the pool, zero entry area for splashing and playing.... he was one busy boy!

His other most favorite thing was the SAND at the beach! He LOVED squishing his toes and fingers in it. Thanks to Nana.. or excuse me... Big Mama, we had lots of sand toys to play with.... although, Lucas would instantly destroy anything that even resembled a sand castle. We joked that he should go in to demolition as a profession as an adult, but I nixed the idea... sounds dangerous! lol

On Monday, Lucas and Mommy got some one on one bonding time. His Daddy, Big and Big Mama all went out deep sea fishing. They had so much fun! 2 flounder, 1 grouper, and even a few sharks. After a looong hard struggle, David managed to reel in a massive 10 foot, 400 lb. tiger shark!.. Glad they didn't bring that one home!!!!

Another highlight of the trip was the fireworks at Shelter Cove. Tuesday night, we found a little park area that had concessions, inflatables, and a stage area playing oldie favs... the kiddos were welcome to climb up or stand in front and dance.. Lucas danced with all of us! When it was time for the fireworks, we found a good spot.. kicked off our flipflops and watched in amazement... such a beautiful display. Lucas was mesmerized. Such a sweet memory.

The week just couldn't have been any better!!

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We are the Smith Family said...

Oh how wonderful....and much deserved girl!!!! Happy Vacation!!! Hugs!