Monday, July 26, 2010

50th Birthday SURPRISE!!

Notice the big bruise on Lucas' forehead.. he took a tumble down the front steps Saturday morning and landed on the concrete. Scared me to death!!!!!!!!! He cried for about 30 seconds and then acted like nothing had happened.. I cried longer than him! lol

We surprised "Big Mama" with a party for her 50th birthday! We somehow managed to keep it all a big secret up until the minute she pulled in the driveway and saw all the balloons and cars out front. She is such a miracle.. we wanted to celebrate the life that God chose to let her continue to live. Friends and family surrounded her with love and well wishes.. we even had family members travel from as far away as Gray and Albany, GA to be here for the the big event. It was one unforgettable day. Special thanks to everyone who was able to be there to help us celebrate and all those that were in on this gargantuan secret!!

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We are the Smith Family said...

I LOVE the cake.....Happy Birthday Mama Kay!!!!