Monday, January 17, 2011

12 weeks!

My "Overall" Babies
Lucas "talking" to Carly. When she cries, he runs to ask if she is okay and tells her "Mommy's coming, Mommy's coming!"
Sweet Babies
Say Cheese, Carly!
Tickle, tickle, Boone!
The twins won't officially be 3 months until the 25th, but we celebrated nonetheless on their 12 week birthday today!
Boone and Carly both are smiling and grinning at just about anything that catches their attention. This especially tickles Lucas when he can get them to smile at him. :o) Boone tries his hardest to laugh, but just can't quite make the sound yet.

They are both still working on steady head control. Carly doesn't miss a beat. If something is going on while she is awake, she is all into it... watching every move. We continue to try to strengthen and stretch Boone's neck muscles to eliminate his torticollis (head tilt). He will continue to see a physical therapist until this goes away and his skull forms and closes correctly.

Carly's reflux has done so much better since increasing her dosage of Zantac. She now takes her max dose for her weight, but it has made a big difference for her. Boone continues to have good days and bad days... mostly good days, though. He is now on Prevacid in addition to the Zantac. Bless their little hearts... when it flares up they have trouble keeping ANYTHING down and it irritates/burns their throats so bad.

Their latest weight check (this afternoon.. I love having our own baby scale.. it is required because of the synagis injections they receive monthly)........
Boone weighed 12 pounds 6 ounces.
And, Carly weighed 11 pounds 11 ounces.

A little update on Lucas, too. He is teething yet again.. this time some pesky, painful molars. :o( The older he gets, the braver he gets!... climbing on everything, turning full flips in the floor, locking doors and us out of rooms (eek!!), talking and saying absolutely everything he wants. He can count to 10 only skipping number 4 and sometimes 8 and 9. He can sing the alphabet to letter G. And, he can say the days of the week, usually leaving out Tuesday... Friday is his favorite day! He is such a smart and loving boy! He smothers us all with kisses and hugs and usually asks to go crawl in Mama and Daddy's bed before his bedtime to "snuggle."

What precious angels we have been blessed with! Our hearts couldn't be any fuller with love!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

We LOVE our Daddy!

I sure enjoyed the last snow day with all 3 of my babies. The only thing missing was daddy!


We all stayed up late last night to cheer our Auburn Tigers on to become the National Champions!!!!! WARRRR EAGLE!!!


Eating Icicles
We didn't get hardly any snow in the recent winter storm, just ice. Thankfully it wasn't enough to take out power lines!

Playing Around

Lucas is always "playing" with Boone and Carly. He loves them soooo much!

Christmas with the Fitchs

It may have been 2011, but we celebrated Christmas all the same with the Fitchs' on New Years Day. A great time was had by all!

White Christmas!

Wow! A Christmas Snow! We still can't believe it! As Christmas Day turned into night, the snow transformed our neighborhood into a winter wonderland. Lucas couldn't wait to go out to play the next morning!

"I wanna go outside and play in the SNOW, NOW!"

Christmas Morning/ Day 2010

Christmas Eve with the Brays

We always have lots of fun at the annual Bray Christmas Eve Party!
Morgan, Matt, and Cody
Lucas got lots of really fun toys!

Helping Mommy Cook

Lucas LOVES to help Mommy and Daddy cook. On Christmas Eve, we made yummy Oreo truffles... the beaters were just too delicious to resist!