Tuesday, March 2, 2010

15 Months

It seems so unreal that Lucas is already 15 months (as of last Friday)! He is doing and saying so much more everyday. His favorite word right now is.. VACCUM! It's his first word in the morning, his last word at night, and almost every word in between! He is both terrified and facinated by the vaccum. He leads me everyday into the bedroom closet where it is kept, begging to get it out... only to point and "fuss" at it when we do get it out. He loves to "help" vaccum, but only if he can be in my arms while it is running... it is only then that he will touch the handle and "help" me push it. When I finally convince him that it is time to put the vaccum away, we must stand at the closet door and tell it "bye bye" several times before Lucas is willing to return to his other toys... it really is too funny! He thinks the broom and steam mop are vaccums too... and when the big vaccum is not out, he stands at the utility room door waiting for his chance to sneak in and grab one. He seems to be obsessed with clean floors... just like mommy! LOL

We are also finding it difficult to stay indoors these days... spring fever has bitten us all a little early. Lucas LOVES being outside... and we enjoy it too... but the freezing temperatures just don't seem to bother him the same way they do us. He loves to explore and pick up everything!... sticks, leaves, grass, it doesn't matter as long as it's outside!

We are just loving life with our little man! Thankful for each day we are given!

Pictures to come!!

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We are the Smith Family said...

We are READY for some outside time ourselves!!! I see a Big Sunny Playdate in our future!!!!