Thursday, January 15, 2009

My "Big" Man

Wow! I didn't realize how long it had been since I last posted on the blog! I will try to do better.. promise! Life has been busy around here- in the very best way, of course. Lucas is growing unbelievably fast! He is already about to outgrow some of his 3 month clothes and he is just 7 weeks old. He is so long! I am loving my time at home with him. He is trying so hard to smile. Last week I got a couple of the wide "gummy" smiles and since then we have gotten little grins (he just can't quite get his lips to curl as much as he wants them to.. it is so cute). He is really building strength in his neck. He can hold it up unsupported for longer and longer each day... he looks like a little bobblehead sometimes. :o) During the day, he misses his daddy so much. We have a picture of David and I on the wall beside the couch and when Lucas is looking around the room, it catches his eye several times throughout the day. He just stares at it, like, 'I see my daddy... but something is different!' It is sooo funny! Nana tried to get it on video for us yesterday when she came over to spend some time with us. Ahh... these are the days that I will look back at one day and wonder how they all went by so fast! I will be going back to work the second week in February and although I am anxious to get back into my classroom, I admit I am already dreading the day that I won't be with him all day.... I think I'll actually miss all the poopy diapers I complain about now... lol.

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We are the Smith Family said...

Wow...he is getting so big! What a cute face! Don't you just love the Einstein floor mat!!! Thomas and Maddy use it daily!!