Sunday, March 15, 2009


I snapped a couple of cute pictures this morning that I just had to share...

Lucas is making sure his mommy and daddy get in their daily weight training these days... he is a real chunk of lead now! He is still drooling bunches and "chewing" on his fingers alot, but I don't think his first tooth is as close as we thought... he is still really not any fussier than he usually is, and half the time he isn't interested in the teethers anymore. Maybe we've got a little bit longer before it makes its appearance. He is continuing to have good nights and not so good nights as far as sleeping goes. A couple of weeks ago, he went from needing 2 bottles a night, to only needing 1 sometime between 4 and 6 a.m. (and we are already up anyway at that time on weekdays). We were in heaven! But, as of late, he has started needing 2 again. I am thinking that he is just going through a growth spurt. He will be able to start cereal in about 2 weeks, so we are hopeful that he will settle down a bit better (and longer) with a heavy belly.

Something else cute to share.... I have noticed Lucas occasionally looking in the direction of the television lately, so today I put in one of his "Praise Baby" DVDs to see if it would interest him... he thought it was the coolest thing! He sat/ played in my lap the entire time! I really recommend the series... it is much like the "Baby Einstein" DVDs, except these have christian tunes in the background (I Could Sing of Your Love Forever, Shout to the Lord, Open the Eyes of my Heart, etc..). I am excited to share more with Lucas during our "down time"... it was so rainy this weekend!


We are the Smith Family said...

We are doing the battle of the bottles too.....hope the cereal helps. Maddy loves it but Thomas...not so much! We love the TV at our house too....sad to say. I thought I'd be one of those mom's that never let her kids watch it but oh well....the Praise Baby series is awesome. So glad you guys like it too! Hugs....we MUST get together soon!

3greens said...

I do not miss the gettting up several times a night--but believe they grow so quickley--ENJOY EVERY MINUTE!!!! Glad he is enjoying his DVD that is sweet!