Thursday, December 17, 2009

Update on Mama

Thank you everyone for the continued prayers... keep them coming! I am happy to report that Mama is doing much better. God has blessed us with a true Christmas miracle this year.

Mama is breathing much better now. Her lungs still have a lot of fluid, but they are clearing more each day. She only needs a small amount of oxygen to support her own breathing now. Her blood pressure is still on the high side, but is looking more stable each day. We continue to be dependent on dialysis to cleanse her body of toxins and waste, but her kidneys seem to be hopefully beginning to wake up. We may even get to move out of ICU tonight or tomorrow! Yay!

Please continue to pray and thank God for saving my Mama. These are some of our specific prayers...
1. Her kidneys to become fully functional and have no further need for dialysis.
2. Her physical strength to return to her so that we do not have to spend any more time in the hospital than we have to, or a rehabilitation facility.
3. Continued positive attitude! She is so motivated to get up and at 'em!


3greens said...

That is wonderful news Kim! We will keep the prayers coming and hope she is home with ya'll soon!!!

We are the Smith Family said...

Oh honey...your miracle is in the making! What great news to hear that things are getting better....I know there is still so much to overcome but she is showing that she is strong and determined!!! Praise God! What a wonderful Christmas Gift!!! Continued prayers for her recovery and to get rid of that kidney machine and for Mama Kay to be up and playing with Lucas' new Christmas Toys very soon!!! Much love to you all!!!