Sunday, November 6, 2011

Sweet Summertime

Our first trip as a family to North Carolina to meet some of our Fitch family.

Blair's Baby Shower

Our Hilton Head Trip in July

We were all facinated by the turtles that would practically eat out of your hand.. right at our back doorstep, until.......

....we discovered that alligators also liked to come on the bank for a snack!

The 4th of July festivities and fireworks at Shelter Cove! They are simply ah-maz-ing!

My good friend Darcey joined us at the beach this year. She was a tremendous help to us with the babies and we enjoyed having her there so much!!!

Mommy had several adults on alligator watch during these pics!

It took Carly and Boone a couple of days to warm up to the beach. Lucas, on the other hand, loved it from the minute we touched the sand!

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