Thursday, November 27, 2008

Lucas Cameron Fitch

Here he is, our sweet boy! Ten fingers, and ten toes... he's as perfect as can be!
As I told everyone in the previous post, he was delivered by Dr. Bowie early Wednesday morning at 12:05a.m. I was able to have him vaginally which was quite the experience! lol In total, I pushed for a little over an hour and a half. At the very end, Dr. Bowie gave me a little help with the "kiwi vacuum." I pushed, he pulled and out Lucas came! It was such a surreal moment... The nurses whisked Lucas away to their table and began to access him. He was put on oxygen for less than one minute to help him "pink up," but his lungs were mature and ready to breathe!! I was so relieved to hear those cries!!!
Lucas has been staying in our room with us as much as possible. His billirubin levels were high last night, so they brought him a "glow worm" jacket to wear. He was a bit fussy until around 2 or so, but then he settled down with a full tummy and would sleep for about 2 hours at a time. The pediatrician checked him out this morning and ran more bloodwork. His billirubin levels actually went even higher, despite the jacket.... so sadly they have had to keep him in the nursery today with the jacket on and under the lights. We miss having him with us like crazy... it has been a very emotional day for me. But, I know that we have got to get those numbers down and then he will be all ours again. I ventured down the hall to the nursery earlier today to visit with him... they had him all fixed up and he was content. It was nice for me to get out of the room for a few minutes, but also exhausting! My legs are like jello.... and man are they swollen!... but, it was still good to get out of the room for a few minutes. Hopefully, if his levels come down and my blood pressures and sugars return to normal, we will get to come home tomorrow! Yay!
I hope everyone is having as good of a "Thanks"giving as us! David and I have been blessed beyond comprehension and we are so thankful for a healthy baby boy, the support of each other, a loving family, and wonderful friends. We thank you all so much for your outpouring of thoughts, prayers, cards, and goodies! We count each one of you as a one of our special blessings this thanksgiving! Love to you all!!

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We are the Smith Family said...

He is beautiful!!!! I am so proud of you!!!! I am so very proud for you also.....for all three of you!!! Blessings!!