Thursday, November 13, 2008

Not the best news today...

First of all, Lucas is okay, but our doctor's appointment didn't go that well this morning.

Everything started out as usual. The NST was considered reactive and I am definitely having stronger and more frequent contractions, but those are still normal and irregular enough to not be actual "labor." No reason for alarm there, but after we got into the ultrasound room... things changed. Our amniotic fluid level has once again fallen. It was a 20.8 last week and it was only an 11.5 today. Dr. Miller was very concerned that it had decreased by half in just a week. We were not scheduled to go back to Atlanta until our amnio on the 24th, but he insisted with Northside that we come back no later than Monday for a level 2 ultrasound and consult. He said that at this point the risk to the baby may be greater in-utero than it would be to go ahead and deliver him. Dr. Matsumoto will make the call on Monday. He will not be at the regular Northside hospital we are used to... we will have to meet him at Forsythe Hospital (still a part of Northside hospital) which is a little further than we are used to traveling.. but, at least we will get to see our doctor and not someone new and unfamilar with our complications. I am also supposed to start doing kick counts twice a day because of decreased fetal movement (could be related to his large size or a product of the low fluid). If I get less than 3-5 movements in a 30 min. segment after eating, I am supposed to report directly to the hospital. Dr. Miller reminded me that even though we have done better than expected up until this point, we are not out of danger yet. Stillbirth is still a major concern with our complications. Needless to say, it was a very difficult morning. Knowing it in the back of my mind is one thing, but "hearing" it again from Dr. Miller is hard.

Please continue to pray for Lucas. He has proven that he is a fighter, but he is still fragile. Please also continue to pray for David and I. Days like this really take a toll on us. It is so painful to know that our baby is in danger and we can't really do anything to fix it (except keep doing what we've been doing all along). We know that God's plan will prevail, but it is difficult to accept that God's plan doesn't always promise a "happy" ending. For now, we will trust the path He is leading us down and wait to see what unfolds on Monday.

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Candy said...

Oh my goodness everything was going so good and now....I am still praying for you and everything will turn out for the best....Stay strong I know its hard but you have to for yourself and Lucas....Everuone at school has ya'll in our prayers just do what the doctor says to do!!! Take it easy and relax when you can because take it from me when he gets here there will be no more rest and relaxing going on for a while Catelyn is 3 1/2 and I still don't get any rest...take care!!