Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The BIG Surprise!!!

This is what I had wrapped up for David to open tonight. HE WAS SO SURPRISED!!!!

As usual, I was racking my brain trying to come up with something to get him for his birthday (he is SO HARD to buy for) and then it hit me... a deep sea fishing trip while we are in Hilton Head! He has always said that it is something he would love to do. It all came together perfectly! This is a picture of the actual boat we will be going out on and I just changed some of the words of the Gilligan's Island theme song to fit our trip. I don't know how I didn't spill the beans.. I've been so excited! We (David, Daddy, and me) will head out for a half day of fishing fun early Monday morning. Mama has VERY SWEETLY offered to keep Lucas back at the room while we are gone (even though I know she would love to go too). Don't worry though, we plan on making it up to her!


Nana Kay said...

Happy Happy Birthday David!!!
I know you're going to enjoy your deep sea fishing adventure. Hope you catch LOTS of fish!!! :0)

We are the Smith Family said...

Too cute!!! Love it!!! I know he did too!!!