Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Honey- Do(s)

Take a look at what my sweet(!!!) hubby, David, has been up to... He replaced our counter top microwave with one that fits above our stove, put a flat screen television where the microwave used to be, and is almost done completely reshelving our pantry (more than doubling my shelf space). He is so handy! I am so thankful that he knows all about the wiring and hardware "stuff," because I surely don't know much about it! I hope that Lucas will inherit his daddy's engineering mind as he gets older. Meanwhile, we are LOVING the "renovations" and using them daily!... now, what's next on the honey-do list?... (lol)..... spending time with us, that's what!

Please forgive the quality of the pics... I couldn't get the lighting right no matter what I tried...

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Nana Kay said...

David is a SWEETIE!!! and SMART with everything he undertakes. Butch & I are SOOOOO VERY PROUD to be SOOOOO LUCKY to have such a PRECIOUS Son-in-law & how lucky Kim & Lucas are too :0)