Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Wow! I must be doing something right! (hehe!) First of all, I LOVE getting flowers... fresh flowers in the house just make me smile. I don't get them as often as I would like and I occasionally remind David of this... in a joking manner of course. :o) So, I was absolutely delighted when he picked me some hydrangea blossoms from our bush on his way in from work Monday evening. So sweet! But, I was even more SURPRISED when the doorbell rang yesterday.... a beautiful Sunflower arrangement (by Jane Rogers, my favorite florist) delivered to the front door! I just knew there was some mistake... did they deliver them to the wrong address by mistake? I rushed inside to open the card... it read... "Just because you bring sunshine into our lives" Love, David and Lucas......... Oh, my goodness... I think I have the sweetest hubby in the entire world!


Nana Kay said...

Kim your flowers are just GORGEOUS!!! David is ALWAYS SOOOOOOOO SWEET & THOUGHTFUL!!!

We are the Smith Family said...

Oh wow are doing something right!!! What great guys you have that love their mama!!!!