Thursday, October 8, 2009

Lucas has tubes!

At 3:30 this morning before we headed to the hospital...

Waiting to go back in his "lovely" gown (sorry for the quality.. camera phone pic)

Back home and already feeling better!

We are so thankful that Lucas' procedure went well this morning. He was such a brave boy.
Dr. Novelly and the nurses at Scottish Rite took great care of him. All in all, he was only away from us for about 25 minutes for the entire procedure/ recovery. Dr. Novelly said that his poor little ears were full of fluid and already becoming infected again... but the tubes are now draining all of that icky stuff out of our precious sweetie and not hurting him this time! He already feels better.. drinking lots of fluids, great appetite, no fever!!!! All is good!


Meme said...

Hey Girl, I'm so glad to hear that his procedure went well. He looks like he is feeling good. Love Ya, Meme

We are the Smith Family said...

YAAA! What a trouper!!! Soooo glad you are feeling better!!! Prayers that this was the answer!!! Hugs to you all!!