Monday, November 23, 2009

Birthday Party!

Choo Choo!

Some of our new church family that came to lend (more than) a helping hand... "Conductor" Brent and "Balloon Making Machine" Chase.
Lucas' birthday party was just perfect. Everything came together in the end and it was a magical day! I had been looking forward to that day since we first found out we were expecting our little man. God sheilded us from the rain that had been forcasted all week and gave us a day of sunshine to enjoy with our closest friends and family. We hated that some could not attend, but given the time of year... we had a great turnout!

I loved watching the children enjoy the fun we had prepared for them... riding the train (THANK YOU CONDUCTOR BRENT), eating homemade cotton candy, and watching Chase make them their very own balloon creations (THANK YOU CHASE)! Also, a big THANK YOU TO MELISSA, for making such adorable cakes.. you are amazing! And last but certainly not least, A GREAT BIG HUGE THANK YOU TO MY MAMA AND DADDY... without their help none of it would have been possible! It was so far beyond what I ever dreamed!

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We are the Smith Family said...

WHAT FUN!!! I hate sooo much we missed it!!! You did a great job on decorating the high chair...too cute!! The train was adorable!!! We have soooo many more bdays ahead to share and enjoy!!! How blessed we are girl!! Much love and Happy Birthday Lucas!!!