Monday, November 30, 2009


Well, I have put this post off as long as I can... it is not easy to talk/blog about...

My mama is having serious surgery in the morning. Doctors found a suspicious tumor on her right kidney a few months ago. She will most likely need to have her entire kidney removed due to the large size of the tumor. This will be a lengthy procedure (4-6 hours) and will require her surgeon to reposition and work around other organs that the tumor is near. I know that God will see her and us through this... but please pray.

Among the things we will be praying for are... mama's health, comfort, and protection both during surgery and recovery; for God to guide Dr. Ogan's hand and decisions during the operation; mama's strength and emotional well being throughout the whole process; strength and patience for my daddy as he cares for her and supports her each day. We have already received such an outpouring of love from our family, friends, and church family. We are truly grateful for each and every kind word, hug, and prayer.

Please also add my little man to your prayer list. He is having some issues with the tube in his left ear. We battled a rough ear infection last week (the tubes were supposed to make them stop). His ENT saw him this morning. It was a painful visit for Lucas. He had to be put under a microscope and Dr. Novelly had to go in his ear with a long needle type pick to investigate the infection and position of the tube itself. He believes that it is a soft tissue infection around the tube and another round of antibiotic drops should clear it up. I sure hope so! It has been a long (birthday and holiday) week of pain, crying, and little sleep. I just wish there were something I could do to ease his pain especially at night (Tylenol only helps so much). Pray that this round of drops can heal his ear without putting him at risk for any possible/further hearing damage. At this point, I haven't seen anything that alarms me as far as his hearing or speech development, but it is a constant worry until we know he is all clear. We will return to Dr. Novelly's office just before Christmas for a recheck.