Friday, April 9, 2010

Anniversary Trip

In celebration of our 3rd wedding anniversary, David and I took a trip down to Orange Beach for two nights this week. We stayed at the same hotel where we got married. This picture was taken in the exact spot where we exchanged our vows! I missed my little man like crazy (he stayed home with his Nana and Big), but we sure did enjoy the "lazy" time! We ate at our favorite restaurants, layed on the beach and got sunburnt, stayed up late playing putt-putt and eating ice cream (sugar free of course!).... it was wonderful to have that time to reconnect and hit the "refresh" button! Thanks Nana and Big!!!


We are the Smith Family said...

That is just awesome! I hope we can get an anniversary trip in one of these isn't easy dropping 3 babies off with Nana :) I am sooo glad you got the refresher and time with your hubby!!!

Nana Kay said...

Nana & Big had the BEST time keeping our little angel. He's getting to be such a grown little man these days. We were MORE than HAPPY to keep him and will anytime.
We're just so glad you both had a wonderful trip & got to have a restful mini wacation.