Friday, April 23, 2010


We went for our follow-up ultrasound today and within seconds we could see TWO BABIES!!! They look great! We saw and heard both of their perfect little heartbeats. The next 4 weeks are especially crucial (until the end of the first trimester) so please keep all of us in your prayers. David and I are indescribably excited!!!!


We are the Smith Family said...

You got it girl! I can't even believe how much we have in common! What a double blessing!!! I feel we are sisters.....truly bonded! Love you guys...praying for your two peanuts!!! Keep us posted!!! God is sooo good!!!

Nana Kay said...

Big & I are indescribably excited too!!! Two more little angels added to the family. THANK YOU Lord for ALL your MANY MANY BLESSINGS!!! :0)