Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Being Silly

Unloading the dishwasher... EVERYTHING must come out! lol
Clean up, clean up, everybody clean up...
We are having a ball being together this summer! I know I am bias, but Lucas has to be the sweetest child ever created! :o)

He had his 18 month check-up with his ped. last Thursday. He weighed 26 lbs. 12 oz. (70th percentile) and he was 33.5 inches tall (80th percentile). Dr. Lisa was pleased with his eating, drinking, and overall development. She was surprised at how well he was speaking... that is until she started touching him with the stethoscope... he did not want any part of that... he screamed the whole rest of the time. :o( We had a few errands to run in town after that and he acted as if nothing had happened. He ran in central office with me to pick up some paperwork and by the time we left, he had the ladies in payroll wrapped around his little finger... he carried out a prize in each hand (for getting his shot at the ped's office). It was too cute~ he insisted on them sitting in the floor to play, and if you know Lucas... I mean insisted. If you do not comply with his "sit, sit" and pointing, he will grab you with both hands and pull you with all his might.. lol.

He is also becoming more aware of all this talk about babies. He sometimes out of the blue, will come raise my shirt and say "bA-bY" and then kiss my belly. We are going to try to get it on video, but you know how children are.. they never do what you want them to on camera. ;o)

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