Monday, May 31, 2010

David's Birthday Surprise

A weekend trip to New Orleans! I don't have a clue how I kept it a secret until his birthday! I almost spilled the beans so many times in the months leading up to the big day. New Orleans is somewhere we both have wanted to visit, so I thought... why not... with 2 babies on the way, we won't have many more opportunities to spend a weekend away. Mama and Daddy graciously offered to keep our little man for us and kept him perfectly in his routine... although they say it will take a while to recover from their busy weekend with him (lol)... aka they missed their afternoon naps! We had a blast, though. We were surprised at how different life is there. People are.. well, a little pushy... and can be downright rude if you don't throw money at them on the sidewalk... David and I had obscenities shouted at us halfway down a sidewalk on Saturday night all because we didn't stop to have our shoes shined (I thought David was going to lose it!)! And, if you don't go to drink excessively.. you are definitely in the minority. It is a party city. We got our eyes full! We ate good, though. Seafood every night! I couldn't help but think how that might change with this oil disaster in the gulf. We also WALKED!!!!!!!!!! Parking in the city is almost non-existent, so once you park at your hotel.. you WALK (we paid $70 for parking for 2 days at our hotel). And, boy was it HOT!! There was several times that I thought I might possibly just burst into flames right there on the sidewalk! lol It is not a city that I am dying to get back to, but it was fun... and we enjoyed our time together. David had a memorable 40th birthday... that's what matters!

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