Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Takin' It Easy

We had a big scare Monday night/ Tuesday morning with some bleeding. I have passed the point of implantation in this pregnancy, so we knew something wasn't right. I talked to Lisa (Dr. Miller's beyond WONDERFUL nurse) Tuesday morning. She told me I was on complete bedrest until Dr. Miller could see me yesterday afternoon (on his day off). We were afraid going in of what we might find... or not find. Dr. Miller was worried, too. He prepared us before the examination of the possible outcomes. The only way to be certain was an ultrasound. Immediately we could see that both babies were still there. Baby A was really easy to see.. not shy at all. He/she (my intuition says girl) showed us it's little beating heart right away and even danced around for us.. even moving it's arms as if he/she was telling us "hey Mama and Daddy!" Baby B was harder to see. Dr. Miller had to do some maneuvering to get a good view of him/ her (I think this one is a boy), but finally there it was.. the second heartbeat! Hallelujah!!! Then, he/she started moving, too.... more like he was trying to get away from the ultrasound though... not a camera baby! lol Relief can't describe how I felt. I really felt like I would have known if I had completely miscarried; I was really more afraid that there would be an abnormal heartbeat or something just wouldn't "look" right, but to see both of them with good heartbeats and moving around... whew!

I am still on complete bedrest until all of the bleeding stops (it is getting better), but when it does stop.. I am free to rejoin my normal activities (yay!). I have heard from several friends that they too have had threatened miscarriages and went on to have healthy pregnancies and babies (that brings some relief to me too). The next two weeks remain crucial... this first trimester is such a touchy time. Just help me lift these little ones up in prayer. I want so badly to be able to do everything right and protect them, but I am constantly reminded.. God is the one in control!

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We are the Smith Family said...

You have our prayers girl!!!! Love you.....