Monday, September 6, 2010

Growing, Growing...

We had a Northside appointment last Thursday. The babies looked perfect! They are growing.. each has gained an entire pound since our last visit. They both weigh 2 1/2 pounds each. Carly measured right on track at 27 weeks 5 days and Boone measured 29 weeks 5 days (Boone measures bigger because his head is reallllly large.. yikes!). Our doctor is very good to us.. he even gave us a sneak peak at them with the 3D monitor.. we weren't expecting to get to see their little faces... Boone has little chipmunk cheeks and Carly looks so feminine. Hate that we didn't get any of those to share, but thankful we got these...
The first 5 are of Carly.. she was looking directly at the ultrasound probe.
The last 5 (one from above) are of Boone.. you can see his little nose if you look carefully.
Please continue to pray for our tiny ones.. we are soooo thankful that they both look so good, but my insulin resistance isn't making things easy. I am up to about 200 units of insulin each day (all shots, long acting and fast acting combined). Our Perinatologist basically told us there isn't a whole lot more that we can do besides keep pumping it in... there was a nontraditional method that he wanted to try this last visit, but because of my sulfa allergy, we couldn't even give it a try. On a somewhat brighter note, my blood pressure continues to hold its own. As long as I stay calm and don't do anything too stressful, it is overall much better than it was at this point in Lucas' pregnancy. It has crept up somewhat, and I am having to take things more slowly and adjust, but nothing really alarming and not enough that I must stay in bed all day.. :o) It is what it is.. I am doing all I can in this body.. the rest is in the Lord's hands.
Not much longer to go! Dr. Miller says we will celebrate Thanksgiving early if we are able to hold off delivering until the end of October (one month early). That is the goal!!

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We are the Smith Family said...

Oh girl...praying soooo hard for you!!!! What an amazing mama you are!!!!