Thursday, September 30, 2010

Great News!

The first 3 pictures are of Boone; the last 3 are of Carly.
We had a great appointment yesterday with our Perinatologist at Northside. The babies continue to look perfect!! Boone is an estimated 4lbs. 13oz. and Carly is 4lbs. 5oz. They each measure a good 2 weeks ahead of schedule, but the doctor insists it is due to genetics.. not my diabetes. He was also really surprised to find a certain bone in each baby that "ossifies" (turns a bright white color on ultrasound) as lung maturity advances. He said that he only sees it in about 2% of babies this early on (31 weeks)... a definite plus for our babies since it seems they will most likely be born sooner rather than later. I have been having alot of stronger contractions lately, mostly at night... so until delivery, I am officially on bedrest now, with only a very few exceptions (Dr. appointments and such). He said I should expect to go into labor or have a scheduled c-section in the next 3-4 weeks. Wow!

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