Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Tests and More Tests

Just a little update...

Last Friday, my blood pressure just would not cooperate with the rest of my body.... after a day of bedrest, no activity... it was running alot higher than usual (150-170s/90s). I even had a roaring noise in my ears and literally saw stars upon standing... Of course, the doctor had me go up the Labor and Delivery just to be checked out and make sure the babies were not in any distress. Thankfully, they looked perfect.. as they always do! My blood pressure was still high when we arrived, but within minutes of being hooked up to the machine (lying on my back, although tilted) my blood pressure plummeted to 76/40. I was a trembling, sweaty, nauseated mess! It was due to vein compression in my back (the reason pregnant women aren't supposed to lie on their backs). Not a good feeling at all, but after sitting up, I began to feel better and bp looked more like my normal numbers. The babies were fine through the whole thing.. they never skipped a beat!

Over the weekend, contractions came and went as usual and today I had to go back to L & D for my first scheduled NST. Again, the babies looked great! It's actually neat to sit and watch their little heartbeats rise as they move and kick. :o)

I go back to Dr. Miller tomorrow and another NST at the hospital on Friday. Continue to pray for a healthy ending stretch to this pregnancy.

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We are the Smith Family said...

Oh honey......I remember these days.....these worries...these moments of "what's next"...you and those precious angels are in our prayers!!!! Much love!!!