Monday, October 18, 2010

Mrs. Brenda

It is with a heavy heart that I write this blog post. On Friday, we learned that David's mom has leukemia. We are still awaiting some anticipated test results as to the type of leukemia she has, but her doctors are optimistic that it is still in its earliest stages. She has been transferred to Emory.. a place that David and I aren't strangers to as you all know. She has been through so much lately with her recent kidney transplant in February and possible Parkinson's Disease diagnosis in the last few weeks (still aren't sure if the leukemia is mimicking the symptoms or if she in fact has it). She is a strong person... she is determined. Just yesterday, her main doctor came in to tell her that her white blood cell count had come down a great deal over the course of just a few days (from 38000 to 19000)... he was puzzled... she told him that it was because of all the people praying to God for her healing. :o) We are taking things one day at a time... She is understandably very shaken that she likely won't be here when the babies are born, but we are hoping that she will be home in time for the holidays. This will be a rough road... Prayers for comfort, peace and healing my friends...

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