Monday, February 23, 2009

Doctor's Appointment

Lucas had an appointment with Dr. Lisa this morning. His temperature was still up a little from overnight (99.9-100.1). Dr. Lisa said that he most likely has the stomach virus that is going around... and his fever is a product of that. She told us to switch to a "sensitive" formula that will hopefully help the diarrhea somewhat until the virus is over. She also said that he should not go back to Mrs. Penny's until Wednesday, so I will be at home with him for a couple of days. I just hope that he is doing much better by then.. I really can't tell that he is any better today. It is hard to see him in so much discomfort... I would so much rather it be me sick than him.

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We are the Smith Family said...

Bless you both....I know this must be a difficult thing to go are in our thoughts....HUGS to you BOTH!