Sunday, February 8, 2009

Whimper, Whimper

Well, tomorrow is the big day... my first day back to work. I am excited to get back into my classroom and get to know my students, but the thought of being away from Lucas all day is breaking my heart. I went to school for the afternoon twice last week, and even though I had to leave him then, it just isn't the same. Tomorrow I won't be able to call and check on him when I want to, leave after only a few hours and pick him up... I will have 16 five year olds depending on me to give them 100% of my focus. I am as prepared as I can be physically, but emotionally is another story. I pray that God gives me the strength that I need to make it through the day without breaking down in tears. Lucas, on the other hand, is completely unfazed by the transition to Mrs. Penny's. He enjoys watching the other children play. I am so thankful that he has done well there! It is such a blessing to have Mrs. Penny keeping him. She is such a sweet lady and it is comforting to know that she has been keeping children for many years. It is a big relief that he is in such good hands when he has to be away from his mommy and daddy. Wish us luck for a day that passes quickly tomorrow!


Never Enough said...

I am praying for you today. You will make it. I know first hand how hard it is. Hang in there.

We are the Smith Family said...

My heart is with you.....What a great mommy you are!!!! Hugs and blessings girl!!!

We are the Smith Family said...

You made it!!!! I hope all is well and you enjoy your Valentine's Day Weekend with your two main boys!!!