Friday, February 20, 2009

My Poor Baby

When I picked Lucas up from Mrs. Penny's today, she said she thought he was acting a little different this afternoon. Sure enough, I could tell he wasn't quite himself even before we got home. I checked his temperature and it was 100.7, so I called the doctor's office and since it was already after 5, they told us to go out to the ER for precautionary testing because of his age. We were there for 4 hours tonight. Lucas was poked and proded everywhere... it was horrible! His temperature got up to 101.7 before it started coming back down after a supository of medicene. They couldn't get a good vein for his labwork because his arms and legs are so chubby (he weighed 15 pounds and 14 ounces), so he had to be stuck 3 different times before they finally got his blood. Then, he had to go for x-rays. Next, they needed a urine sample... which meant he had to have a catheter, only when they got it all hooked up, his bladder was completely empty. They had to take it back out, put a bag over his "area" and wait for him to take a bottle and then finally go pee pee. The results showed a viral infection, so then he had to have yet another needle prick to get some antibiotics in him. We are so glad to finally be home. He is sleeping peacefully now.... temp 100.5. We will be keeping a close watch on him tonight and giving him his baby tylenol to hopefully keep the fever down. I just feel so bad for him...

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