Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Lucas and I wanted everyone to know how much we appreciate and love Nana!... David came down with the sniffles on Sunday, so my mama came over to help me with Lucas while David was banished to the back room. lol She was a HUGE help!!!! From feeding Lucas.. to folding laundry.. wrapping Christmas presents.. and warming bottles at all hours during the night- we don't know what we would have done without her!! She went back home (sadly) last night when David was given the all clear by the doctor that he could be around Lucas again. Lucas and I both were so glad to have daddy back... but, Nana, you can come back anytime!! :o)


We are the Smith Family said...

Moms Rock!

Nana Kay said...

Nana was more than glad to help out in any way she could & would love to have done more. I miss my little sweetie though & can't wait to see him soon but will always cherish the extra time I got to spend with him. I'm just so sorry Daddy wasn't feeling good but am SOOOOOOO Glad he's feeling better :0)