Saturday, December 13, 2008

Update and First Bath

Lucas had his first bath this afternoon. I thought he just might enjoy it after he did so well with washing his hair last week, but nope.. he didn't like it one bit! lol He was glad to have it over with though!
Also, an update on the colic... David found something called "Gripe Water" made by Little Tummy's at CVS that is safe for newborns to take for gas and colic. It seems to have made a big difference... I hope I am not jinxing us! Lucas still has his fits, but they are more predictable and consolable... much easier to deal with!! Thanks to everyone that sent suggestions.. keep them coming, we appreciate tips and ideas that we might not have tried yet!
I am off to eat a quick bite of supper and then David is taking Lucas and I riding to look at Christmas lights... FUN!

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We are the Smith Family said...

Oh...I am so glad things are looking a bit up....I have heard of the little remedies products but haven't tried them yet. I am glad they are helping. I want to look at lights also....that sounds like so much fun! It looks like Lucas enjoyed his first bath as much as our does get better!