Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Lucas' Nursery

David and I have been working on Lucas' nursery little bit by little bit all along. It is finally almost ready! I am such a planner.. I want everything ready in advance. I know it drives David crazy sometimes, but he has been a sport about it all. He only has one more shelf to hang (over the glider) and he will done in there... then he can start putting some of the baby gear together! :o) I am really proud of how it has all turned out! I love sitting in there and imagining what it will be like when Lucas is asleep in his crib or cuddled in my arms rocking in the glider.


Carrie said...

Waht a lovely room!!! I just love the decor and colors. You guys have worked hard and it will pay off!! Soon the room will be filled with baby and all those baby toys. He is a lucky baby to have such a great room!!
Talk to you later...

We are the Smith Family said...

How adorable! I am so proud for you!!!