Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Monday's Appointment

Dr. Matsumoto, our perinatologist in Atlanta, gave us two thumbs up yesterday! It was a big celebration for David and I! Most importantly, our amniotic fluid levels are up and returning to a *normal!* level. We have gone from 5.5mL to 14.5mL (15mL is considered average) in just about one month, with extra rest and BUCKETS of water! This was a HUGE relief! Also, even though my blood sugars are still not perfect, they are improving. I have been taking a new daytime insulin and it seems to be much more compatible with me. For now, we just have to accept that my body is very resistant and constant adjustments are just a fact of life. Overall, I have been able to cut down from 7 injections a day to only 5! WooHoo! :o) And, as long as my stress level stays low, my blood pressures are staying in the satisfactory range.

We were also able to discuss some preliminary delivery details today. Dr. Matsumoto assured us that barring no further complications, we should be able to deliver in LaGrange! Another big relief! He said that we will more than likely have a scheduled C-section or induction at 37 weeks (the very beginning of December). However, he did express concern that lung maturity before 39 weeks is always an issue with diabetic babies, and he will likely want to do an amniocentisis the day before delivery. I was not at all excited to hear that, but of course, we will do anything that is needed. I am planning to discuss this further with our ob, Dr. Miller, on Friday.

On a cuter note, Lucas continues to pack on his baby fat! His approximate weight was 3lb. 5oz. Dr. Matsumoto still stands firm that Lucas is proving to be a genetically large baby (I was 9lbs. 3oz. and David was 9lbs. 10oz.), and my diabetes has not affected his size.. yet. Another good sign!


Carrie said...

Thanks so much for the wonderful blog. Cody continues to say his special prayer for you guys everynight. We can't wait till his arrival. We have a special gift for him to give at the hospital. Take care and the last few weeks will fly by!!
We love you guys-
Carrie, Jeremy, Cody, and Cason

Carrie said...

Cody says:
"I love you Kim."
"I love you Kim and David."
"I love your baby and uh....that's it.
Cody Bray

Monica said...

Hey, i had No idea things were getting this serious. I am so sorry about that but so happy to hear that things are going so well now. I will keep the three of you in my prayers. Not that it helps, but with Tessa i had to do 5 injections a day too. It is tough, but it is so worth it. I have added this to my favorites and will check in from time to time. but you need a belly pick up somewhere...