Monday, October 27, 2008

This Is Just "Swell"

I have started noticing that my feet and ankles swell slightly when I am on them for even short periods of time... so that along with the blood pressure scare last week was enough to keep me off my feet almost completely all weekend long. But, this morning my right hand looked like I had little mini-marshmallows in each finger. I have had slight swelling in my hands off and on for a few weeks now from the carpel tunnel syndrome I recently developed (fairly common in the second half of pregnancy), but not quite as bad as today. I expected it to go down with rest, but here we are at 4:00 and it is still swollen (it has gone down some in my fingers, but the top of my hand is still really puffy). I am trying a cold compress now; maybe that will help!


We are the Smith Family said...

Don't you hate it! My hands didn't swell but my feet just blew up! I discovered riding in the car/truck made it worse! It is hard...but keep them up! Hugs girl!!!

Candy said...

I had lots of swelling with Catelyn, and I know it is not fun. They made me lay on my left side all the time. With this one we have not had those problems yet so maybe we are having a boy this time, they are totally different babies! Take care of yourself I know it gets frustrating!

Kennedy said...

My feet and everything else were swollen with my first. Debra was premature, 5 pounds, but u wouldn't know it now. Thanks for keeping us informed. You are doing great. Take care. LK