Thursday, October 30, 2008

Yesterday was a Whirlwind!

We had our 2 doctor's appointments yesterday.

The first, with Dr. Miller in LaGrange. We started out as usual with the NST. I was glad that David was able to go with me this time; it really hasn't been necessary for him to take off work and go with me for those yet, but since he was already off for our afternoon Northside appointment, he got to have the full experience! I am so thankful when he is able to go to the appointments with me.. his work has been wonderful to both of us! I stayed on the machine for only about 30 minutes this time and Lucas looked great... the machine also recorded some mild contractions (Braxton Hicks) that I started having... I had 2 in the 30 minutes and when Lisa unhooked the machine, another was beginning. I felt them all day yesterday, but they were irregular and mild... nothing to worry about. Dr. Miller looked over my blood pressure and sugar readings and then sent us on our way to Atlanta.

Our second appointment was with Dr. Matsumoto at Northside. We look forward to these appointments because we get a "targeted" Level 2 ultrasound each time... although, I must admit I also get a little nervous before them too. But, we got good news.. the amniotic fluid levels are holding strong at 14.2 mL! WooHoo! And, Lucas weighs about 6 pounds... a whole 2 pounds bigger than the average baby at 32 weeks. Dr. Matsumoto still said his ratios looked normal, so his weight is genetic (imagine that! lol) and not due to my diabetes (that is a big relief for me each time I hear it; I have worked so hard to maintain good control since before pregnancy). We also discussed delivery scenarios again. Because Lucas is growing so fast, instead of waiting until the 37 week mark, Dr. Matsumoto wants to do the amniocentesis at 36 weeks. He said if the test results come back positive for lung maturity, there would be no reason to allow Lucas to grow one day bigger... so.... We will go back to Northside for the amnio on November 24. If it is positive, we will have Lucas before Thanksgiving! And, if the test is negative, that is still okay.. the results will indicate about how much longer Lucas will need in the womb to fully mature (maybe a few days, maybe a week). Either way, he is going to be here so soon!!

Dr. Matsumoto also recommended that Dr. Miller start doing the NSTs twice a week as well as an amniotic fluid measurement once a week from this point on. This drastically reduces our chances of stillbirth, which is still a concern with our complications.

All in all, we got good reports. We are just still in a little shock that we might have a Thanksgiving baby instead of a Christmas baby! :o)

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My birthday is the 26th!!!! I can't believe the time is almost here!!! I am so excited!