Friday, October 17, 2008


I went to Dr. Miller's office this morning (for the 3rd time this week.. labwork on Mon. and Wed.). The visit went well. I had an NST first, and Lucas was of course uncooperative in the beginning. He was sleeping and would not move around like they needed him to. I just had to lie there and wait it out. I also got very sick from lying on my back (pregnant women are not supposed to lay flat on their backs after week 15 or so ... even though they prop you, I was still technically on my back). I became nauseated, weak, and HOT! I couldn't get up with all the equipment hooked up to me, so just imagine me lying there hollaring for nurse Lisa! lol She came running and after we determined that it was not my blood sugar, she told me to turn on my side. After doing that and lots of cool rags, I felt much better! It was not pleasant though!

Dr. Miller was running a little late getting to the office.. he had to pull an all-nighter at the hospital last night. He was good to me as usual, but I could tell he was really tired. He left my insulin adjustment up to Dr. Matsumoto (I am still waiting to hear from him) and said that my labwork looked good. He also said that I will start having the NSTs a couple times a week very soon. My belly has grown this week.. both in inches and unfortunately pounds, but Dr. Miller said it was probably due to Lucas just growing faster than he needs to and also from ALL of the water I have to drink to keep the amniotic fluid level up.

After my appointment, I went to my school. It is reenrollment time for insurance. While I was there, I was able to visit with several of my buddies! It was so nice to see them! I wish I could have gotten around to visit with everyone, but by the time I left.. I was absolutely exhausted. I think I am about to enjoy this rainy day we are having and curl up and take a nap.

We have our next Babywaves 4D ultrasound in Columbus on Monday, so hopefully we will be able to get some good pictures. Our first appointment there went so great, and it is the only ultrasound where Lucas was cooperative. Our fingers are crossed! I will be sure to post what we get!

Have a great weekend everyone!

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