Monday, October 13, 2008

The Weekend

David had a busy weekend! He surprised me on Saturday morning and put the stroller together while I was taking a shower. We like it so much! It matches our car seat and the two attach together to complete the travel system. He put the pack-n-play together on Sunday evening after preparing us the most delicious Gumbo I've ever tasted! We plan on using the pack-n-play in our bedroom until Lucas sleeps in his crib. It is really nice! We joked last night about wishing it was already set up beside the bed, so we could fall asleep listening to the soothing music it plays. :o)

It makes me so happy that I have heard from several of you that you are enjoying the blog! I hope everyone had a weekend as good as ours!

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Carrie said...

Great Job David!! You have many more days/years ahead of you of putting together baby toys and items!!! (Just wait till his Christmas years)
The car seat/base/stroller combo are great for travel-near or far.
You guys seem to have it all together. Keep those doctors visits on a good note!!
We will keep thinking of you-
Carrie Driver